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6 Morris Court, Longmead


Berkshire SL4 5QE

The Executive



I joined the Berkshire School of Pop Music at the age of 12 years, where I was taught guitar, performance and event management techniques.  After leaving there, I utilized these skills in starting my own band and private tuition classes which have led me to be teaching guitar professionally now for almost 15 years.  I currently teach over 40 pupils a week and many of my students have progressed on to universities such as the Academy of Contemporary Music or have formed bands or become teachers themselves.  


I have nearly 20 years of experience recording and producing music in a recording studio, working with all types of different musicians and personalities.  From this, I have learned a great deal about different types of music, time management, motivation and people skills, which I believe to be very important attributes to have as a teacher.


I teach the bass guitar and piano, and I am proficient in both of these instruments.  I believe an understanding in other instruments, will help the student to become a good overall musician, as well as further improve their knowledge of their own chosen instrument.


I have an excellent knowledge of music theory in which I have a qualification in Grade 8 theory of music.  I am proficient in reading TAB and basic notation.


I am a highly motivated and creative person, I find teaching extremely rewarding and always try to inspire and motivate my students in their lesson.  

Square Square Square Square


I took over the lead Guitar role for Jamie and the First class in 2005 and have toured extensively with them for over four years.  


Averaging at around 150 gigs a year, I have played all over the world and performed in front of many thousands of people.


Some of the places played are;


Hammersmith Palais

The Barbican (London)

Mean Fiddler (London)



Abu Dhabi